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LeaderTips: Engage Others The second Operation World resource in the set LeaderTIps. Read ways that will equip you to engage others in prayer

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10 LeaderTips that Equip You to Engage Others

As leaders, our job is to equip and empower others. But when the days are long and there is so much to do it is easy to let that responsibility slide. Here are ten ways that you can equip others to pray for the nations.


LeaderTip 1: Next time you are on the phone with another ministry leader, ask them how they are leading their staff and donors in prayer.


LeaderTip 2: Your email signature is a powerful place to challenge those you influence to prayer.


LeaderTip 3: Before you go into a meeting about a project in a certain country, look up the prayer needs for that country in Operation World.


LeaderTip 4: As you interact with your staff, ask them what country of the world they are praying for? If they aren't, challenge them.


LeaderTip 5: Brainstorm with your team about how you can integrate prayer for the nations into your ministry strategically.


LeaderTip 6: If you raise support, why not ask your donors to pray for the nations in your next email update?


LeaderTip 7: Do you make donor calls? Why not pray together for a country of the world as you wrap up your time on the phone?


LeaderTip 8: Ask those you lead to share the countries God has put on their hearts to pray for. The result will likely be an amazing example of God's heart for the nations.


LeaderTip 9: Every meeting you lead can be placed in a context of prayer for the nations.


LeaderTip 10: Tell others about the Operation World website. Every day you can see a country to pray for as well as challenges for prayer: