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LeaderTips: Using the CD-ROM and DVD-ROM The third Operation World resource in the set LeaderTIps. Learn ways to maximize the use of your Operation World CD-ROM and DVD-ROM

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10 LeaderTips that Help You use the Operation World CD/DVD Effectively

While some of you out there might be techies with all the answers, we know that most of you will need some help to maximize your use of the Operation World CD/DVD. So here are ten small things that will give you new ideas for how to use your tool.


LeaderTip 1: If you own the CD or DVD of Operation World you have limited rights to reproduce the content. Make sure to read the End User Agreement on your CD/DVD.


LeaderTip 2: Don't miss the opportunity to build your own map based on Operation World data. Open your CD or DVD version and click on the "Build" link.


LeaderTip 3: To use a graph from the CD/DVD Operation World, use the Snapshot Tool to copy & then paste. Read the End User agreement first.


LeaderTip 4: The Operation World CD and DVD have a powerful search tool that allows you to find all 21 instances where the book talks about "translation."


LeaderTip 5: Do you need an image of a country's flag? You can find it on your Operation World Enhanced eBook DVD.


LeaderTip 6: On the Operation World DVD, we provide the background data sets in MS Excel format for you to use in research and strategic planning.


LeaderTip 7: The new Operation World has insights on global hotspots. Make sure to check your CD or DVD under the "Regions" tab for insights on the world's troubled areas.


LeaderTip 8: Jason Mandryk shares a "State of the Gospel 2010" presentation on the Operation World DVD – don't miss it!


LeaderTip 9: On the Operation World DVD, you can download large/med./small images for many of the charts.


LeaderTip 10: Click on the "Features" icon on the Operation World DVD to jump from a country page to the maps, charts and data downloads.