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Leading Through the Overload How to pray in a world of information overload. The twelfth Operation World resource in the set Ideas for Leaders

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Leading through the Overload

In today's fast paced world there is too much information. We are swimming in a sea of data and many times it feels as though we are drowning in it. Sometimes we feel the same when we pray. In fact, sometimes it is hard to even start praying because there is just so much information about what is on our hearts that we don't even know where to start.


Many people would feel the same when looking at an Operation World entry. There are facts, statistics, challenges, answered prayers, and maps. All the information and the needs of a particular country can lead to a person not praying at all . . . unless there is someone to help them find a way to focus.


As a leader, that is your job. You are there to expose those in your circle of influence to all the wonderful information in Operation World about each country. But your job doesn't stop there. You are also there to help guide people in how to pray for a country with so many needs.


Here are some thoughts on how to help those striving to pray for the nations:

  1. Challenge them to take one fact from the book and make that their focus rather than trying to cover all the information.
  2. Ask them if they have ever known someone from that country or part of the world and, if they have, challenge them to think of that person when they pray for the country.
  3. Encourage people to pray before they turn on the TV or read the news online so that their attention will be focused on the prayer items at hand.
  4. Help people find ways of praying throughout the day when they have open slots of time. They might schedule it into their calendar or identify key down time that they have daily when picking up kids from school. Encourage pro-activity.
  5. Challenge people to simplify their schedules. If they have no time for prayer, their days are just too full. But they may not realize this is the problem. Help people prioritize their activity and hold them accountable.