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On-ramps into Global Prayer Five ways to start prayer for the world.The nineteenth Operation World resource in the set Ideas for Leaders

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On-Ramps into Global Prayer

As leaders who want to see those we lead to passionately pray for the nations, sometimes it is a challenge to encourage them to jump in and begin praying. There are so many distractions today. Families on the go . . . media surrounding us . . . schedules packed with meetings and activities.


We know that as believers begin to pray for other parts of the world that it is like jumping onto a highway of awareness, encouragement, empathy and engagement. So how do we break through to those we lead and help them to see the amazing joy that comes from praying for the nations?


We decided to look at an average entry in Operation World and suggest some "on-ramps" into a lifestyle of prayer.

  1. People connect around similar interests and occupations. Go to the "Economy" section of a country that has similar industries as your city, county or state and highlight that country starting from the type of jobs that people might have. For instance, if you live in Houston, Texas, you might want to start with Kuwait or another high oil producing country.
  2. Most entries have a section at the end of the entry about Christian radio in that country. Talk with those you lead about your local Christian radio station and how it benefits them and then transition into the significance of the Christian radio (or lack thereof) in the country you have selected.
  3. If you are part of a denominational church, look at the percentage of people in the country you have chosen who are a part of your denomination.
  4. Look in the "Challenges for Prayer" and find one that is similar to a common prayer request that your people voice as you pray together about your local community. Make the correlations and help people see that there are so many similarities in the struggles and challenges that are facing both countries.
  5. So many people can't grasp what a country is like until they have a sense for where it is and how big it is. Use the maps in Operation World (and the enhanced eBook on the DVD) to show what the country looks like, where it is and how its size compares to the state or country where you live.