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Prayer Leaders Ask Questions Questions to ask in order to be an effective prayer leader. The eleventh Operation World resource in the set Ideas for Leaders

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Prayer Leaders Ask Questions

"Why aren't you praying more??" That is the question that many spiritual leaders wish they could ask those they lead. But you can't make someone pray because prayer is not a mindless activity. Prayer is relationship with God. It takes intentionality, passion and connection.


So how do you mobilize those you lead into prayer for the nations? One approach is to begin with questions. By asking questions, you are not demanding something that you value. Instead you are asking people to consider something within the context of their relationship with God. This allows them to own the process and see their relationship with God grow as they respond.


What are some questions that you can ask to encourage and facilitate those you lead into prayer for the nations? Please see some examples below:

  • What is happening in your life that God is using to focus your attention on the needs of another country?
  • Do you see God at work in the World? What are you seeing and what prayers come naturally to you as a result?
  • How are the struggles you are a facing today like those of someone in another part of the world? If you could sit down with someone from that country over coffee, what would you say about God and His work in your life?
  • If you could visit anywhere in the world today, where would it be? What are the prayer needs of that place today?
  • Did you see anything in global news that caught your attention? How could you pray for that situation?