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Prayer Takes Perseverance Praying for Japan one year after the earthquake. The eighteenth Operation World resource in the set Ideas for Leaders

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´╗┐´╗┐Prayer takes Perseverance

Prayer is easy on day one of a dramatic event or serious need but what happens on day 365? Are we still praying? Are we still challenging those we lead to pray fervently for those that were so deeply on our hearts?


In many cases we give up . . . not because we do not believe that God wants us to pray but because we lack the discipline and desire to continue in prayer. That is where other believers come in. When we are struggling to pray, the encouragement and exemplary prayers of others can do so much to recharge our dedication and focus.


A year ago, we released a resource to help you to pray for the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. It has ten Operation World Facts to give you insights into the people and culture of Japan as you pray. You can find that resource at: This resource was widely read and wonderfully received, but we wondered how many of you were still praying for Japan.


So we asked the question to our growing @OWTips Community on twitter and here are some of the prayers that we received. We hope these will encourage you to keep persevering in your prayers for the people of Japan as we commemorate the 1 year anniversary of the tragedy:


"We had 2 girls stay with us last year after the Tsunami that do not know Christ—Yuri&Madoka. We pray for them often to know & accept Him."


"Praying that God would give us the ability to hate sin with the level of shock and horror we had after the earthquake and tsunami."


"Praying that words spoken by Japanese believers would be a source of comfort and hope to many."


Praying for the peoples of Japan 1 year later.Praying for Light to grow in a dark place in the midst of recovery.