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Praying for Japan Ten Operation World facts about Japan to help you pray for those in need

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Praying for Japan: 10 Operation World Facts

It is a great challenge to pray when we do not understand the situation of others. That is why Operation World is such a powerful tool. By giving you the facts about the situations in the countries of the world, Operation World helps you to understand and then pray out of that understanding. With such a significant tragedy happening in Japan, understanding is crucial. We hope that these 10 facts about Japan and subsequent prayer pointers will help you as you pray for the people there.


OW Fact 1: Pray for the small Christian community in Japan (only 1.54% of the population) as they reach out after the tragedy in their country.


OW Fact 2: 13% of Japan's population is under 15 - pray for the children suffering in this tragedy.


OW Fact 3: The life expectancy in Japan is 82.7 years. Pray for the elderly caught in the chaos and for the families caring for them.


OW Fact 4: 70% of Japanese claim no personal religion but come from a culture of ancestor worship and Buddhism. Pray that they will turn to Christ.


OW Fact 5: The city of Tokyo has over 36 million inhabitants. Pray for the many urban centers where so many Japanese live.


OW Fact 6: There are possibly 1 million illegal immigrants from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Iran, the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia and other countries. Pray for their safety.


OW Fact 7: Japan has been struggling with difficult economic times. Pray for the economy and the jobs that it represents for the people in Japan.


OW Fact 8: There are over 3000 islands that are a part of Japan. Pray for the people scattered throughout this nation of islands as they mourn.


OW Fact 9: There are at least 300 Japanese missionaries serving around the world. Pray for them as they try to get information about their families back home.


OW Fact 10: There are 24 large cities in Japan that have no church at all. Pray that God will bring a witness to these and other places where there is no Christian presence in Japan.