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Praying for the Forgotten Places Remembering to pray for all the countries of the world. The tenth Operation World resource in the set Ideas for Leaders

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Praying for the Forgotten Places

Our attention on the world is usually guided by personal interest or the interest of those around us such as our church, country or the news media. Personally, you might be fascinated with a certain country because your ancestors came from that place or you may have gone to a country on a short term mission trip. General interest in a given country usually focuses on tragedies, wars or other events that somehow impact the nation you live in.


So between personal interest and general interest, there are a handful of countries that get most of your attention. But what about the others? What about the countries where mission trips don't go, where there is seemingly nothing newsworthy happening, and where there is no overwhelming tragedy? Doesn't God want us to pray for these places as well?


That is one of the reasons that Operation World is such a powerful tool. By praying through the nations daily, you get to pray for those places that are completely off of your radar as well as those places that everyone is talking about. So as you strive to cover each part of the world in prayer, here are some tips for praying for the forgotten places:


  1. Adopt a country you know nothing about for a special prayer focus. Look at a map, pick out a part of the world where you are completely unfamiliar with the countries and their situations. Zero in on one of them and then look it up in Operation World.
  2. Look up the smallest country in the world online and find out about the people who live in this little place of the world. Ask God what you can learn about His Kingdom from this place.
  3. Identify a country that is in the news today and then look at the countries next to it. Pray for them and how they will relate to the drama in their neighboring country.
  4. When praying for a forgotten part of the world, ask God to show you a connection between that far off place and where you live. It could be a product grown there that you use or a famous person from your country that lived in this distant place.
  5. As you pray for a forgotten place, find out about how the church is doing in that country and identify some of the similarities and differences between the church in your country and theirs. Then use those points to focus your prayers.