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The Olympics An Object Lesson in Prayer for the Nations. The twentieth Operation World resource in the set Ideas for Leaders

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pdficon_small.gif The Olympics: An Object Lesson in Prayer for the Nations

The Olympics: An Object Lesson in Prayer for the Nations

The London 2012 Olympics are the first since the release of the 7th Edition of Operation World. So as we sit back and relish this amazing event, the question arises, "How can the Olympics be an object lesson in prayer for the nations?"


The Olympics are symbols of many things such as personal achievement, athletics, the human spirit, national pride and unity among the nations. But they are so much more! Here are a few ways you can mobilize those you lead in prayer for the nations as they enjoy the Olympics:

  1. For these several weeks there will be significant attention put on countries that people think of very little throughout their year. Ask people to identify a country they have never heard of and look it up in Operation World in order to pray.
  2. Pull photos from the delegations of various countries marching in the Opening Ceremony. Then tie those photos to the country of the day in Operation World.
  3. Go to the web and view the medal count for the various countries (See NBC Olympics medal count page []). Pray for the countries that are excelling in the Olympics and ask God to bless their nations.
  4. Read these daily readings about Christians from around the world who are participating in the Olympics. Ask people to pray for these individuals (and their countries) as they represent their countries and also bear witness to the Kingdom in front of the world.
  5. Pick out flags from the Operation World DVD and highlight the flags of the nations as people are seeing these flags much more during the Olympics than they will at any other time in their daily lives.
  6. As people watch the Olympics and hear the back stories of the various athletes from around the world, ask them to identify key traits and characteristics that impacted them and then pray for them and their countries.
  7. When people watch an event, ask them to identify one of the individuals and countries that did not win and have them look up that country in Operation World and pray for them.
  8. There is so much attention placed on London and all of England during the Olympics. Have people reflect on the Opening Ceremony, read the England Operation World entry and pray for the host country.
  9. This is the first Olympics where there are one or more female athletes representing every country at the games. Ask people to pray for these women and for the women of the countries they represent.
  10. As you watch the Olympics and see these talented young athletes competing, pray for each of them and the friends and family that they represent. Pray for them to be introduced to Jesus during the Olympics this year.