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The Top 10 @OWTips Leaders of 2011 Our top ten Twitter followers of 2011. The seventeenth Operation World resource in the set Ideas for Leaders

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pdficon_small.gif The Top 10 @OWTips Leaders of 2011

The Top 10 @OWTips Leaders of 2011

It has been an amazing year of ministry @OWTips. As the GMI team looked back over all of the interaction about prayer and Operation World resources, we were amazed at what God has done. So to celebrate, we thought we would highlight 10 of you who showed loyal and creative leadership in praying for the nations. Please take a moment to read about how praying (and tweeting) for the nations has impacted these 10 faithful prayer partners. As you read these testimonies, pray about how God might be asking you to lead others in prayer for the nations!


The following Twitter users (in no particular order) are our Top 10 @OWTips Leaders for this year:



God used Operation World to open my eyes to see the hundreds of ways He is sending forth the Gospel throughout the world. It was a wonderful resource for our family devotions. Our children would locate the country on the globe, I would share some stories from OW, and we would pray together for that nation. Thank you Operation World for what you are doing for global missions.



Operation World combined perfectly my faith with my interest in geography and the world in general. Of all the ways Twitter can and is used, it has been great to use it as a springboard to not only keep me constantly connected but to promote prayer for the world to others via Twitter. Operation World was a gift for me last Christmas and I am very grateful.



I tweet the Operation World daily prayer points for two reasons: first, I believe in the power of concerted prayer and all efforts to that end will be steps in the right direction. Second, by tweeting I find my own insight and focus elevated. If no one benefited from what I do, I would still do it because of the real benefit I sense in my own heart.



When @berrylong (who originally introduced me to OW) lamented the lack of a Twitter feed for OW's Pray Today, I saw an opportunity for me to put my programming knowledge to good use and created the @owpraytoday Twitter account. It's been a joy being able to be a part of using this medium to honor God. Also, amidst my Twitter feed, which is dominated primarily by secular news and tech/programming articles, it's a helpful daily reminder of what I'm really created for and where my heart should be.



OW has become an indispensable and irreplaceable guide in helping me pray for the nations. It's a smooth read that is packed with information for those interested what the Lord is doing around the world and how they can get involved. I have used OW on numerous occasions to inform and share with others how they, too, can be on mission with God.



Praying through and tweeting about OW has been a big impact in my life and prayer life. I have been using all the information on OW book to pray for the most-needed Bible Translation nations listed by Wycliffe Bible Translation at our small Bible Study Group, and also in personal prayer time. Knowing more information about every nation really opened my eyes to see how wonderful and amazing God, his power and his love for the World. I am so thankful for all my friends who also see how OW is really a good resource for them.



Operation World has transformed my prayer life this year by opening my eyes up to the world around me. I remember one Sunday morning during church our Pastor asked the question that "If all of your prayers were answered today what would change? Your world, or THE World?" I spent 2 months in prayer asking God how I could make a difference and shortly afterwards He led me straight to the Operation World book. This year every week we have used Operation World in my weekly prayer group called Watch & Pray.



Operation World increased my awareness of the great need for all Christians with any ability to spread His love, to do so - as if we really believe that those who don't know Jesus as their Lord and Savior will go to hell. I have used the Operation World book during the closing of Bible studies, hoping that we move our center from selves to others.



Praying through and tweeting about Operation World this year has raised my awareness for the need to bring the Gospel to all nations. I have retweeted the OWTips to my followers as well as highlighted Operation World on Follow Fridays #FF. Both spread the prayer requests to others who can pray with me about the daily prayer requests.



Operation World has been a wonderful source of education as we grow in our walk with Christ and learn about Christians across the globe. My girls, ages 10, 8 and 2, look forward every night to learning about their brothers and sisters in Christ, and at the same time gain a valuable perspective of countries beyond our border. I guarantee Operation World has strengthened our father-daughter relationship and there is nothing cuter than a two year old with hands clasped, bowed in prayer.