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Turning Fear Into Prayer Don't let fear keep you from praying. The thirteenth Operation World resource in the set Ideas for Leaders

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Turning Fear into Prayer

If you are a leader today, you are engaging with fear like never before. We live in uncertain times and those who we serve as leaders are uncertain about their future. Some are struggling to stay above water financially. Some have loved ones in harm's way serving in the military. Still others are seeing their career vanish as technology and industries go through rapid changes.


So what can you do as a leader? Sure you can challenge people to think differently. It is easy to preach at people about not worrying and challenge them to focus on God. But if you put yourself in their shoes, it becomes much harder to preach. Imagine if you were going through any of those scenarios we outlined above.


Another way to lead those who are struggling out of themselves and into dependence on God is to call them to prayer for the nations. The great thing about this big world we live in is that somewhere in it others are going through the very same thing that you are.


If someone just lost their job, ask them to pray for the unemployed in the Middle East where economies are stagnant.


If a person is ill, ask them to pray for the children in India who are suffering from Malaria.


If a person has a loved one fighting in Afghanistan or Iraq, ask them to pray for the families of the soldiers from all over the world who are far from home.


As people begin to lift their eyes and look at the situations of others, they challenge themselves to grow in Christ. You simply point the way through prayer and watch as they connect with their Father in Heaven.