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Ways to Use the Operation World Map Six ways you can maximize your use of the Operation World map. The sixteenth Operation World resource in the set Ideas for Leaders

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Ways to Use the Operation World Map

Sometimes you have to see something in front of you to really grasp it. That is why the Operation World Map is such an amazing resource to help you pray. As you hear about things happening in the world, it enables you to look and see what the spiritual situation in that area is.


The map illustrates a variety of information; "Largest Countries by Population," "Percent Evangelical," "Percent Christian by Province" of India and China, "Number of Least-Reached Peoples," and "Christianity by Population." All of this information can help you and those you lead to pray more effectively.


Here are some helpful ideas on how to use your Operation World Map to pray for the nations.

  1. Look at the world as a whole and try to think of God's heart for the world. Let it sink in...the vast amount of lives—each one special to God. You can scan the chart that lists the "Largest Countries by Population." Now pray for the whole world—that God's will would "be done on earth as it is in heaven." (Matthew 6:10 NIV)
  2. Talk to God about the weather. Look at the geography of the world and think about the tragedies that happen by the coast, in the mountains and along the rivers. Hurricanes, earthquakes, floods; God knows about all these things and wants us to pray about them even before they happen.
  3. When you look at the world by "Percentage of Evangelicals," pray for the church—that God would allow His people to reach out to the people who don't know Him.
  4. The "Christianity and Population" section of the map can give you a sense of how the church feels in a certain area. Are they a minority or majority? Are the countries surrounding it in a similar situation? Pray for the church and the hearts of the people in areas that have very low Christian populations. Pray that Christians in high Christian populations would be challenged to reach out to those around them.
  5. India and China have special needs. The Operation World map breaks this area into provinces to allow you to see where the population of Christians is high and low. Pray for these countries that God would work in each province, allowing His word to penetrate the hearts of the people.
  6. The "Number of Least-Reached Peoples" section of the map allows you to see where the Gospel still needs to be heard. Pray for the missionaries working across the world, that God would make people ready to receive His message.