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License Agreement The license agreement for the Operation World CD-ROM multi-user license

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You can download the Multi-user License agreement for the Operation World CD-ROM here.

Operation World

Personal Edition CD-ROM

7th Edition - 2010

Additional User License

This License Agreement amends the End-User License Agreement contained in the Operation World Personal Edition CD-ROM ("The Product") to permit the licensee to use the specified version of The Product, in whole or in part, on a number of additional computers equal to the number of Additional User Licenses purchased from GMI, and subject to the following additional conditions:

  1. If an organization name is named on the order for the additional license(s), the organization will be understood to be the licensee.
  2. The additional computers on which data from the Product is used must, unless otherwise specifically agreed in writing by GMI, be located on a single, contiguous property ("the Licensed Location") under the regular oversight of an individual ("the License Administrator") responsible for compliance with the End-User License and this addendum. If a specific individual has not been identified to GMI as the License Administrator, the person placing the order for the Additional User License(s) will be understood to be the License Administrator. A portable or laptop computer may be regarded as located at the Licensed Location if (a) the computer is used at least 80 percent of the time by a single individual and (b) that individual is present at the Licensed Location on at least 50 percent of work days in an average month.
  3. The License Administrator must:
    • Maintain records of computers on which The Product is installed and of network workstations having access to The Product, and furnish these records to GMI upon request.
    • Obtain sufficient single copies or Additional User Licenses for The Product for all computers on which The Product is used.
    • Ensure that all individual users are aware of and comply with the terms of the End-User License Agreement.
    • Either remove The Product from or obtain single copies of The Product for all computers leaving the Licensed Location.
    • Notify GMI of any change in the Licensed Location or the person acting as License Administrator.
  4. Only a single, designated user of each licensed computer may copy portions of The Product to a personal electronic device as specified in End-User License Agreement.