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Operation World DVD-ROM Enhanced features to mobilize mission efforts.

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Operation World DVD-ROM


Enhanced eBook - Professional Edition

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ISBN-13: 9780984391905

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The Enhanced eBook – Professional DVD-ROM Edition is a high-powered research and mobilization platform that takes Operation World beyond your bookshelf and empowers you to bring the data to life as you minister with others.

What all comes in the DVD?

The Operation World DVD contains:

  • A fully searchable PDF version and ePUB version of the Operation World book in color
  • Extended information on each country giving you new insights to share
  • Multi-media content including video and PowerPoint presentations
  • Extended rights to reproduce content for your school or ministry
  • Additional maps, charts and data tables not available in the printed book

The Operation World DVD gives you more than 10,000 files of Operation World information. See the detailed content list. View sample content from the Operation World DVD here.

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What's the difference between the CD-ROM and the DVD-ROM?

See a comparison chart that better illustrates the differences between the Operation World CD-ROM and the Operation World DVD-ROM.

What are some of the uses for the Operation World DVD-ROM?

It is an excellent resource for . . .

  • Professors developing courses
  • Missions pastors seeking to activate their congregations for missions
  • Ministry leaders charged with guiding others in prayer
  • Ministry staff looking to use Operation World data on-the-go

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Can I copy the Operation World DVD-ROM to my hard disk?

 Yes, you can run Operation World directly from your hard disk without needing to access a DVD drive each time you use Operation World.  To install Operation World on your computer’s hard disk or other permanent storage:

  • In Microsoft Windows XP, Vista or 7, run setup.exe from the DVD-ROM.
  • On other computing platforms, drag and drop or otherwise copy all files and folders from the DVD-ROM to a folder on your hard disk or other storage.

Can I use the Operation World DVD-ROM on multiple computers?

Multi-user licenses are available for the new Operation World products. If you are interested in obtaining a multi-user license, read more information here. Read the multi-user license here.

Can I use the information found on the DVD-ROM in my own presentations?

In certain cases, yes. Read more about the permissions granted to you in the End User License Agreement for the Operation World DVD-ROM.

Supported Systems

Can I use Operation World on portable devices?

Yes. The content on the Operation World DVD has been designed to work with a wide range of PDF or ePUB-enabled personal electronic devices.

Content Formats on the DVD