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User Permissions This page addresses common data usage questions for the Operation World eBook.

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May I use Operation World content in my documents, presentations, websites, and databases?

While the Personal Edition CD-ROM gives permission for limited personal use of Operation World content, the Professional Edition DVD-ROM is intended to facilitate a wide variety of ministry applications. The DVD-ROM includes a wealth of images, presentations and data along with generous permission for use of Operation World content in the user's papers, presentations, websites, databases, etc.



  • Licensed users of the Operation World Personal Edition CD-ROM are allowed to use up to 15% of the content of any country's information in their personal papers and presentations, as long as the Operation World content makes up no more than 20% of the document they create and is personally presented by them in a class or meeting setting.
  • Licensed users of the Operation World Professional Edition DVD-ROM are allowed to reproduce a limited number of full profiles of countries, regions, etc. in printed form for their ministry constituency, and are allowed to copy and distribute content digitally according to the same 15%/20% rule mentioned above. The DVD-ROM includes a wealth of individual high-resolution images, videos, PowerPoint slides, and data files designed to support ministry uses.


For a full description of the features, permissions and conditions of use for Operation World CD-ROM and DVD-ROM content please see the following: