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User Permissions This page addresses common data usage questions for the Operation World Profiles

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Operation World Profiles End-User License Agreement

Downloadable PDF files of individual Operation World countries, regions, The World, and other portions of Operation World (Profiles) derived from the DVD-ROM are covered by the Operation World DVD-ROM End-User License Agreement. Portions of that agreement referencing the DVD-ROM media are not applicable.


The portions of the agreement most directly applicable to downloadable Profiles are as follows:

If you have not purchased a legitimate copy of the Operation World Professional Edition DVD-ROM, nor purchased a portion of the DVD-ROM content via electronic download from an authorized site (see for authorized sites), nor received a complimentary copy of the DVD-ROM or portions of it directly from the Author or Publisher, you have no rights under this License and must either remove this Product from your computer and/or devices or purchase a legitimate copy from or an authorized retailer.


Please read this content and software license agreement ("License") carefully before using the software or DVD-ROM content. By using the DVD-ROM or paid download of a portion of its contents, you are agreeing to be bound by the terms of this License. If you do not agree to the terms of this License, you must discontinue use of the Product.

1) License

The Operation World, 7th Edition text, . . . maps, graphics . . . and other content contained on the DVD-ROM or its associated website (the "OW Content") are licensed to you by Jason Mandryk (the Author) and Global Mapping International (the Publisher), his licensee. The licenses granted herein are limited to the Author's intellectual property rights in the OW Content and do not include any other patents or intellectual property rights. You own the media on which the OW Content is recorded but the Author retains title to the OW Content. The OW Content in this package and any copies which this License authorizes you to make are subject to this License.

2) Permitted Uses and Descriptions

This License allows you to install and use the OW Content on a single personal computer and one personal electronic device (with a screen of less than ten inches diagonal measure and used by the same primary user as the licensed personal computer) at a time. This License does not allow the OW Content to exist on more than one computer and one personal electronic device at a time.

3) Limited Permission to Reproduce OW Content

No part of the OW Content may be reproduced in any form, except as specifically permitted below (percentages are percentages of the content area as printed or displayed):


  1. Complete countries, regions, other content sections and full-page maps may be reproduced in printed form only for use by students, staff, members, participants or donors of schools, churches, nonprofit organizations, charities or unincorporated associations, provided that all of the following conditions are met:
    1. The printed distributions are provided at no cost to the recipient.
    2. The material is provided for purposes of prayer or instruction.
    3. No recipient may receive in any calendar year more than the greater of twenty (20) prayer calendar days, one (1) appendix or other non-prayer calendar section, or ten percent (10%) of the total Operation World text.
  2. Extracts of the text, tables, charts, maps and images may be reproduced in print or electronic form, including websites, provided the material reproduced:
    1. Is used to support or illustrate your own writing or other content and does not exceed twenty percent (20%) of the document, publication or any web page in which it appears.
    2. Does not misrepresent the meaning of the OW Content from which it is extracted. 
    3. Does not exceed fifteen percent (15%) of the content of any Operation World country, region or other book section or two hundred (200) cells of any Excel spreadsheet or other data table.
    4. Is clearly delineated from other material and clearly noted as "From Operation World DVD-ROM 2010,". If the publication format supports Internet links, should be linked to