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Operation World The newly updated guide to praying for the nations.

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Download the Operation World eBook

You asked for it, so we are offering it. You can now download the Operation World 7th Edition as an eBook (available in PDF, ePUB and Mobipocket). Read more about the eBook here.

Download an Operation World country or region profile

You can download a PDF of the full Operation World profile for any country or region for a minimal fee. Learn more about Operation World Profiles here.

Operation World 7th Edition now available!

GMI has also published the 7th Edition Operation World personal CD-ROM, professional DVD-ROM and wall map.


For years we have been equipping you and your ministry with research and mapping tools you need for your Great Commission work. The latest Operation World Enhanced eBooks are no exception. They provide you with a powerful platform to lead in prayer, empower through research and communicate the need.

What is Operation World?

"Imagine — years of research in your disk drive! I don't think there's ever been any product like this in the history of the world." ~Brigada


GMI and Operation World provide you with world-class tools.

  • The Definitive Prayer Guide to Every Nation
  • A global resource that provides a simple and straight-forward way to pray for every nation
  • Over 1000 pages of well-researched prayer materials
  • Key information on each country that equips you to pray effectively
  • Prayer needs and answers to prayer in an approachable format

How do I purchase Operation World?

Order the new Operation World CD-ROM, DVD-ROM and wall map in our convenient online store.


Find out more about the following Operation World products:

Operation World eBook.jpg Operation World Downloadable eBook is the full Operation World 7th edition in eBook format. Perfect for reading on your computer, smart phone or e-reader. Available in PDF, ePUB and Mobipocket (Kindle) formats.
peru-profile.jpg Operation World Downloadable Profiles are downloadable full profiles of any country or region from Jason Mandryk's Operation World 7th Edition. You can now get fuel for prayer for the countries you are interested in.
Operation World 2010 Personal CD-ROM Operation World CD-ROM is a research and mobilization tool providing the complete content of Operation World (text, tables, charts and maps) as a full-color PDF. This easy-to-use Enhanced eBook is perfect for using Operation World on the go, searching Operation World for specific content and much more.
The cover for the Operation World DVD-ROM

Operation World DVD is a prayer, research and mobilization platform including all features and content of the Personal CD-ROM. In addition, gain access to Operation World content not published in the book:

  • Extended global, country, religion, and denominational data tables.
  • Video and PowerPoint presentations.
  • Additional maps, charts and data tables.
Ideal for teaching on global evangelization, leading others in prayer for the nations, or engaging in mission research.
 The Operation World 2010 wall map Operation World Map is a beautiful, full-color 24" x 36" wall map of the world highlighting key statistics and information from the new Operation World.

What's the difference between the CD-ROM and the DVD?

See a comparison chart that better illustrates the differences between the Operation World CD-ROM and the Operation World DVD.

Where can I find more information?

  • You can read more about the individual products on their pages located above and to the left.
  • Check out the Operation World website at
  • Join our Facebook group, Leaders Using Operation World
  • Learn OWTips by following us on Twitter
  • Read more ways to use the Operation World products here

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