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Operation World CD-ROM The international bestseller, now for your computer.

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Operation World CD-ROM


Enhanced eBook - Personal Edition

Retail Price: $24.99

 ISBN-13: 9780984391912

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The Enhanced eBook – Personal CD-ROM Edition is a research and mobilization tool that takes Operation World beyond your bookshelf and into action in your personal ministry.

What all comes in the CD-ROM?

The Operation World CD-ROM contains:

  • A fully searchable PDF of the Operation World book in full color
  • Hyperlinked table of contents and bookmark features
  • Copy CD-ROM content to your hard disk to always have it with you
  • Limited rights to reproduce content for your personal use
  • Learn how to use your Enhanced eBook intentionally and connect with a community of professionals using Operation World

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What's the difference between the CD-ROM and the DVD?

See a comparison chart that better illustrates the differences between the Operation World CD-ROM and the Operation World DVD.

What are some of the uses for the Operation World CD-ROM?

It is an excellent resource for . . .

  • Students studying global issues from a Biblical perspective
  • Pastors sharing specific prayer needs with their congregations
  • Ministry staff looking to carry Operation World on-the-go

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Can I copy the Operation World CD-ROM to my hard disk?

Yes, you can run Operation World directly from your hard disk without needing to access a CD drive each time you use Operation World.  To install Operation World on your computer’s hard disk or other permanent storage:

  • In Microsoft Windows XP, Vista or 7, run setup.exe from the CD-ROM.
  • On other computing platforms, drag and drop or otherwise copy all files and folders from the CD-ROM to a folder on your hard disk or other storage.

Can I use the Operation World CD-ROM on multiple computers?

Multi-user licenses are available for the new Operation World products. If you are interested in obtaining a multi-user license, read more information here. Read the multi-user license here.

Can I use the information found on the CD-ROM in my own presentations?

In certain cases, yes. Read more about the permissions granted to you in the End User License Agreement for the Operation World CD-ROM.

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