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Operation World CD-ROM

21st Century Edition

…the definitive prayer handbook for the Church -- now on CD-ROM!


Operation World CD-ROM (2001 Edition) is an incredible new tool for missions prayer, mobilization, and research. It is especially designed for intercessors, pastors, church prayer leaders and teachers, college and seminary professors, as well as mission leaders and mission researchers. Click here to read some of the many uses of this wonderful new missions resource.


Operation World CD-ROM contains the full (English language) text, as well as all maps, charts, and tables from the new Operation World book by Patrick Johnstone and Jason Mandryk (published in September 2001, by Paternoster Publishing). In addition, the CD contains the full Operation World research database, along with additional research resources for every country. Click here to read a full description of the CD's contents.


Operation World CD-ROM provides a daily summary of each day's prayer requests and information. From there, you can view the full detail for any day's prayer focus, "drill down" to in-depth reports from the Operation World database on churches and mission agencies, review the latest country profile information from the World Factbook, or browse a set of related Web links. Quickly find any word on the CD with the powerful search engine. Click here to view these features.


Wondering what others are thinking about Operation World? Click here to read what Christian leaders are saying about this new CD-ROM and book. for example:

". . .Operation World has helped tens of thousands of believers develop a balanced perspective, create focussed vision,
fuel informed prayer, and escalate strategic involvement in global mission. . ."
T. V. Thomas, Chairman of the North American Council of South Asian Christians


Computer Requirements

Operation World CD-ROM runs on Windows and Macintosh computers. Click here for more information regarding the computer system requirements.

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