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Description of Content and Features

The CD contains all of the text from the 2001 edition of Operation World (both in a daily summary version and a full text version) in a Web format, along with color versions of the maps and charts from the book, statistical tables from the book, expanded statistical reports not found in the book, the huge Operation World research database (both as a complete database application and as separate database files), an Adobe Acrobat version of the complete book, the World Factbook profile information (including color map and flag) for every country, and Web links to more information on every country. A powerful search engine is included, to enable you to quickly find any desired word on the CD. And limited, but generous, permission is given to use and distribute the Operation World material for Christian ministry purposes. Read on for a graphical description of the Operation World CD-ROM.

Both a daily prayer summary (a concise summary of each day's prayer focus) and the full text of the book is provided on the CD-ROM in a familiar Web format. The "screen shot" image below is from the CD-ROM, showing the beginning of the Prayer Summary for Kazakhstan, including color map and flag:


The full text includes statistics describing the geographical, social, economic, political and religious status for each country. These provide a solid, factual basis for praying for nations, with knowledge of what God is doing in the world and the extent of the unfinished task. The graphic below shows a small part of the full text for Kazakhstan:

To see a live daily summary and full text for today's prayer focus, browse to


Color versions of the maps and charts from the Operation World book are included on the CD-ROM. These can be printed on paper or overhead transparency to enhance programs and presentations:


Included with each country is also a large, simple color map that you can easily print out or "copy and paste" into other applications:


The statistical tables from the Operation World book are all included, providing a valuable resource for strategic prayer and missions planning:


You can "drill down" to view additional database information about countries, agencies and churches not included in the book:


In fact, the huge research database application that Patrick Johnstone and Jason Mandryk used to prepare Operation World is provided for you on the CD:


The complete Operation World book is also provided in Adobe Acrobat format on the CD-ROM:


The full World Factbook profile is included on the CD for each country:


For even more information, a set of relevant Web links is included for each country:


A powerful search engine is included to enable you to quickly find any desired word anywhere on the CD-ROM:


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