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Operation World CD-ROM

Purpose and Use

"When man works, man works. When man prays, God works."

Operation World was written for two main purposes:

1. To inform for prayer. The layout of Operation World both in book form as well as the CD-ROM version is in the form of a prayer diary, with a section of prayer requests assigned for each day of the year. A new feature in this edition is a section, for most countries, on answers to prayer over the past decade, for example:

    Answers to Prayer (Albania)

    1. The dictator, Enver Hoxha’s, proud boast of eliminating all religion in 1967 has been overturned with over 74% of the population claiming a faith in God
    2. Religious freedom was declared in the 1998 constitution despite strong efforts to limit it by the four ‘traditional’ communities
    3. Every town and city now has a group of evangelical believers
    4. Radio Tirana was built to propagate atheism. TWR now broadcasts from this station 80 hours weekly

2. To mobilize for witness. Information and relevant statistics are given to channel that witness to the least reached parts and peoples of our world. For many Christians this book is their only source of global information. Earlier editions of the book have become an essential resource for the growing missions movement around the world - in a particular way this has been true of the non-English editions.


Operation World is being used by hundreds of thousands of Christians around the world, from intercessors, to pastors, to seminary professors.

If you are an intercessor with a passion to see the completion of the Great Commission by means of prayer so powerful that Satan is crushed in lives and nations, that captives are finally released from bondage, that revival breaks out around the world, that Jesus is lifted up and that God's kingdom literally comes to earth, Operation World CD-ROM will encourage, empower and equip you to stand in the gap for the nations.

If you are a church pastor, prayer leader, or a Sunday school teacher, Operation World CD-ROM is a valuable resource for your ministry.

If you are a high school teacher, or a college, seminary or graduate school professor of missions, world religion, geography, social studies, anthropology, economics or political science, Operation World CD-ROM is an outstanding source of relevant, up-to-date information in an easy-to-use format.

If you are a mission agency leader, a missionary, a missions pastor, or missions researcher, Operation World CD-ROM is a resource that will assist you in strategic planning, reporting and research by giving access to a vast amount of church and missions data.


Sample of daily summary page:


Pastor, Prayer leader, Sunday school teacher

Missions and prayer for the world should be at the heart of every fellowship. Operation World can help to give praise and prayer points that stimulate this.


High school teacher, College, Seminary, or Graduate School Professor


(information copied, pasted and edited from Operation World CD-ROM)

AREA: 652,225
POPULATION: (2000) 22,720,000 +2.93%AGR
CAPITAL: Kabul 2,700,000

Indo-Iranian 86.8%
Turkic-speaking 10.7%
Other 2.5%

LITERACY: 10-31% (much lower for women)
OFFICIAL LANGUAGE: Pashto (used by 50% of population), Dari (Afghan Persian, 35%). All languages 50.
LANGUAGES WITH SCRIPTURES: 2 New Testament; 3portions
ECONOMY: Shattered by 22 years of war. The most lucrative agricultural
crop is now opium (Afghanistan is the world's largest producer) which has
paid for weapons for the warring factions.


Mission agency leader, Missionary, Missions pastor, Missions researcher



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