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PeoplesFile CD-ROM

Available: April 16, 2001


PeoplesFile CD-ROM: a factbook and atlas of the world’s peoples and languages from a mission perspective.

PeoplesFile CD-ROM brings together the fruit of years of excellent research and information-sharing in the missions community about the world’s more than 7,000 ethno-linguistic and ethno-cultural peoples. It integrates information from eight major databases of the languages and peoples of the world, some of which have only been exchanged privately among mission researchers. Rather than obtaining, converting, and searching each database separately, the best information is now available together in one place.

This CD benefits anyone seriously concerned about ministering to unreached peoples:

This strategic new mission resource combines the most up-to-date information available:

All data on the CD is fully word indexed, with additional features enabling you to find related languages and query specific data fields.

Computer Requirements: 486-66 processor, 16 MB memory, Windows 3.1 or later (minimum). Pentium processor, 32 MB memory, Windows 95 or above, and at least 800X600 true-color graphics recommended for best performance and map viewing.

GMI is currently offering the following pricing (shipping and sales tax extra):

for 1-4 copies
$39.95 each
for 5-24 copies
$31.95 each
for 25-49 copies
$27.95 each
for 50-99 copies
$23.95 each
for 100 or more copies
$19.95 each

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