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Overhead Transparency Map Set

A set of 14 color maps and graphs on overhead transparency film designed to help others visualize the world Christian movement, prepared to accompany the new Worldwide Perspectives book.

Topics include:

We've also included black & white paper versions of the same maps which you can freely copy for classroom or church use. Available in English only.

This map set, along with many others is available on the WorldVue CD-ROM - click here for more information. It is also available as customizable digital map files on the Global Ministry Mapping System CD.

Price: $39.95

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Miniature images of the maps and graphics in the Worldwide Perspectives set:

Israel -- The Strategic Land Bridge

Colonial Africa -- 1945

Post-Colonial Africa -- 1970

Evangelicals in 1790

Percent Evangelical 2000

Mega Cities of the World

Nomadic Pastoralists

Where are the Poor and the Lost?

Ghana -- A Single Geo-political Country

Ghana -- A Multiplicity of Languages and Peoples

Poorest Countries

An Australians' Perspective of the World

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