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If you go through the high grass where the elephant has already gone through,

you don’t get soaked with the dew.

Ghanaian Proverb-

This proverb traditionally meant that young men should follow the ways of the elders rather than run off to the right or left, exploring new and untried ways. Rev. Joshua Kudadjie, editor of the “Proverbs for Preaching and Teaching Series” in the African Proverbs Project, put a Christian spin on the proverb.

Christ is our “elephant.” He is bigger than we are, stronger than we are, he was here before we were, he went through more than we have to go through and he took on himself all the bad things that should have fallen on us. Since he cleared a way for us, why should we go through life on any other path than following in his steps?

By unlocking the potential of traditional proverbs like this one, African pastors can evangelize and teach more effectively than through any imported means. The African Proverbs Project encouraged this kind of communication. ”

The African Proverbs CD

Collections, Studies, Bibliographies

The African Proverbs Project and Global Mapping International are pleased to announce the release of a multi-faceted electronic research tool, The African Proverbs CD (for Windows). The culmination of a three-year international research project funded by The Pew Charitable Trusts, this CD edited by Dr. Stan Nussbaum contains the information equivalent of over 30 printed volumes including:

Using hypertext software we are making this vast collection of proverbs and related information far more available for study and use. For example, a user looking for proverbs on a certain topic doesn't need to flip from a topical index to the body of the book many times in order to find and copy... and any part of the CD can be "cut & pasted" into your document or sent instantly to the printer.

A user of this electronic bibliography can isolate and print just the collections with French translations or view a bibliography of 800+ proverb collections ordered by African language or country or title -- which is difficult or impossible to do with a printed version. Often one can jump from the bibliographic record to a copy of the full book, or a title page and introduction, or a description and address for the author, or description of the language.

Now you can:

Minimum System Requirements

Windows 3.1, DOS 6.2, 386DX, 2X CD-ROM drive, 4MB RAM, 7.5MB hard disk space.Click here for technical support information.

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