Global Briefing

Help Your Ministry Understand a World on Mission


Global-BriefingMarch2-2014.jpgIf you are an international ministry, church or ministry network who is passionate about making Spirit-led decisions about your global ministry, then please consider the GMI Global Briefing.


The Global Briefing provides you with an overview of key data impacting how we engage with our world and insight into the implications of that data for a nonprofit on mission.


The Global Briefing covers topics such as:

  • Population and Growth
  • Orphans Globally
  • Health and Development Indicators
  • Migration and Urbanization
  • Communications Technology
  • Economics and Politics
  • Growth of Religions
  • The Spread of Christianity
  • Philanthropic Giving

How is the Global Briefing Delivered?

When you purchase the Global Briefing as an organizational experience you will receive:

  • a 2-3 hour presentation by a GMI speaker
  • the full Global Briefing report (47 pages)
  • a full PowerPoint slide deck and
  • copies of “Seeing Your World: 10 Key Global Shifts That Will Change the Way You Serve” for everyone at the event

Costs for this learning experience vary depending on travel required (vs. virtual presentation) and how many people will be attending the event.


If you are interested in having GMI provide this learning experience for your board, leadership team or staff, please contact us for more information.