The Engage Study Frequently Asked Questions

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What makes this employee survey unique?

When you sign up for Engage you are getting the best thinking on employee satisfaction in a Christian context from Best Christian Workplaces and you are getting deep missionary experience from GMI. There is no other survey instrument and analysis that will give you this quality of data that applies in a cross-cultural missions setting and helps you make Spirit-led decisions around helping your staff to thrive.


We feel like our missionaries are doing well. Why now?

In changing times missionaries are under significant pressure. As they strive to balance unknowns in the countries where they serve, struggles with fundraising and changing models in missions, it is easy to get discouraged. Even if things seem to be fine, Engage 2006 showed that many issues were still keeping your missionaries from thriving. Only by listening to them NOW can you then Engage intentionally!


Will this cost and effort make any difference?

With growing understanding of how to help ministries make Spirit-led decisions, GMI has designed this Engage resource to include the Engage Consult and Engage Action Plan (with incentives for action). The entire process is being designed to help you make decisions . . . then it is up to you to act!


How will I get the real story?

Because the survey is being handled by a third-party objective partner who understands Christian organizations and missionary service, we believe that missionaries will feel safe sharing their input and providing helpful insights.


What are a few examples of the questions?

Is my family provided for?

Is the work progressing with purpose?

Am I free to do what needs to be done?

Does my agency listen and speak to me respectfully?

Does integrity flow from the top of my agency?


Will it be too generic to meet the needs of my organization?

Each organization gets the chance to write up five of their own questions in order to focus in on some strategic areas that they want to get a better handle on as they serve their staff.


What are some key variables that the GMI team is excited to explore?

We believe that this study will provide some helpful input to ministries about missionary retention, how well-run an organization is, the level of engagement of staff, and spiritual nurture.


Who in my organization will benefit from the results of this study?

Leadership will understand more of the organization’s health and be able to allocate resources towards helping people thrive. Personnel and MemberCare staff will have specific insights into areas of strength and areas of concern. Recruiters will have a strong endorsement of the organization if you score well in order to attract new missionaries. Field Leaders will have priorities to focus their staff care efforts.