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Adobe GMI software is trying to install an older version of Adobe Reader.

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Adobe Reader 7 and Above Fix for GMI CD-ROM Products (Windows)

What is the nature of the issue?

Adobe Reader versions 7.0 and above use a different method of informing Windows of the location of the reader program than previous versions of Acrobat Reader. This may cause any or all of the following problems:

  • GMI CD-ROM setup programs may believe Acrobat Reader is not installed and may offer to install an earlier version of Acrobat Reader. If the earlier version is installed, installation may fail or the installation may conflict with Adobe Reader 7 and above.
  • Product installers may run every time the CD-ROM is inserted.
  • Autorun functions of products using Acrobat as their primary reader (WorldVue and Operation China) may either fail with an error or run the setup program rather than the product main menu when the disc is inserted.
  • Links between Folio Views and Acrobat documents may fail, usually with an error message.

Is there a fix available?

We suggest following the procedure for running GMI CD-ROMS from your hard disk, following the alternate procedure in step 7a to create the needed shortcuts.


What products are affected?

  • The Wisdom of African Proverbs
  • African Proverbs: Collections, Studies, Bibliographies
  • The World of Islam
  • Operation China
  • WorldVue
  • PeoplesFile