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Install My computer says I don't have permission to install GMI software.

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Bypassing Installation Problems

What is the nature of the issue?

Some GMI products (Operation World, WorldVue, Operation China, and Peoples of the Buddhist World) have their content in very common formats such as Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) or Hypertext Markup Language (HTML, which can be viewed in any web browser). The installers for these products do little more than create desktop and start menu shortcuts to the content and verify that a suitable version of Adobe Reader or Internet Explorer is available.


Installation problems with these products, particularly in Windows XP and Windows Vista, seem to nearly always be caused either by the user having insufficient permissions on the system to run the installer, or by third-party products attempting to protect the system from unauthorized installations. Since the newer systems that have these problems nearly always have the necessary content viewers (web browser or Adobe Reader) installed, it is often preferable to avoid the installation process entirely and manually create shortcuts directly to the content.

Is there a fix available?

We suggest following the procedure for running GMI CD-ROMS from your hard disk, following the alternate procedure in step 7a to create the needed shortcuts.


If you need to install Adobe Reader, download a current version from Adobe.

What if that did not work?

Please contact GMI technical support if this does not solve your problem, or if you need more detailed instructions.