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Multiple Products Running multiple GMI programs simultaneously with only 1 CD-ROM drive.

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Installing software to your hard disk

What is the nature of the issue?

Can I run my GMI software product from the hard disk so that I don't have to have my CD-ROM in the drive to use the product?

Is there a fix available?

Yes, in general.

Note, though, that your license is still for a single machine; if you wish to run the software on multiple machines, contact GMI for a multi-user license. A few older products (African Proverbs, Operation World Plus, 20:21 Library) require extensive editing of configuration files in order to run from the hard disk. Most newer products (and many CD-ROM products from other manufacturers) can be run from the hard disk by clicking on the tab below and following the general procedure:

Instructions for older products

If you are running Windows, click on the tab below to see a more Windows-specific set of instructions for copying a CD-ROM to your hard disk and then running its setup program. If you are unfamiliar using Windows Explorer, you may wish to find someone locally who is familiar with it and show them these instructions:

Instructions for windows

What if that did not work?

If neither obtaining local help nor the above instructions help, please contact GMI technical support for further assistance.