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Common Issues

Pray Today link on home page does not work

This usually means you are reading OW in a PDF reader that does not support JavaScript or that has JavaScript turned off. We most commonly see this with Macs set up to view PDF files in Apple's Preview program on Windows or Mac machines running Foxit, and on many portable device PDF readers that have cut features to reduce memory use.
Best bet on Mac and Windows machine is to make sure Adobe Reader is installed and set as the default PDF reader. More information on doing this on the Mac. To install the most current Adobe Reader, visit see If an Adobe Reader is not available for your computer or portable device, check your help system or contact your PDF reader vendor to see if JavaScript support can be enabled.

If you cannot get JavaScript to work, you may wish to see whether your reader allows user bookmarks in a PDF file. Moving a bookmark at the beginning of the next day's prayer material after you have prayed each day will give you a convenient way to get back to where you left off.

Link to app1.pdf on World Features Menu goes to World profile, not Appendix 1 (DVD)

Clicking on the preview image instead of the filename link will open the correct PDF file.