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Mac Issues Operation World tech support issues for the Mac

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Common Support Issues

Pray Today and other PDF features do not work

This usually means you are viewing the PDF in Apple's Preview instead of Adobe Reader. To fix:

  1. Select (single-click) OW2010-DVD.pdf in the location you open it from (either the DVD or a folder you copied the OW content to on your hard disk; see next topic), select File | Info from the menus, and select Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat Reader in the "Open with:" dropdown.
  2. If Adobe Reader or Acrobat Reader is not listed, or if Adobe Reader tells you a newer version is needed when you open Operation World, download and install a current version of Adobe Reader (recommended) or install the appropriate version of Reader from the Readers folder on the DVD (if you don't have an Internet connection, or your connection is very slow).
  3. When asked during installation to make Adobe Reader the default program for opening PDF files, say yes. If you are not asked this question, repeat step 1.

How do I install to my hard disk on a Mac

  1. Use the Finder to create an empty folder anywhere you want on your hard disk. Name it something that makes sense to you, like "Operation World DVD".
  2. Open the Operation World DVD-ROM and select all of the files and folders with cmd-A. To save a little space on your disk, deselect (shift-click) the Readers folder, setup.exe, and autorun.inf.
  3. Drag and drop the selected files and folders to the  folder you created on your hard disk. It will take a few minutes for everything to copy.
  4. Once the files are copied, select (single-click) OW2010-DVD.pdf in the folder you created, select File | Info from the menus, and select Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat Reader in the Open with dropdown.
  5. Right-click or cmd-click OW2010-DVD.pdf and choose Create Alias. Drag this to your dock or desktop to make it convenient to start Operation World. 
  6. If you want to open Operation World when you log on, after  you have added the document to the Dock, right click or control click on the document in the dock and choose upon Login under Options.