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Operation World 2001 CD-ROM Technical support for the 2001 version of the CD-ROM.

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Before You Read Very Far

This is the technical support page for the original Operation World CD-ROM that came out in 2001. If you are looking for technical support for the new Operation World CD-ROM or DVD-ROM (that came out October 2010) you will want to visit the new technical support page instead.


If you were looking for support for the original CD-ROM, then the answer you need is most likely below.

Windows XP and Vista Installation Issues

Some Windows XP and Windows Vista machines have problems running the Operation World installer. Find out how to bypass the installation process here.

Computer Operating System

The Operation World CD-ROM is not intended to run on a Microsoft Windows version earlier than Windows 95 or a Macintosh version earlier than the PowerPC. Search capability on the Mac requires a fairly modern machine (200MHz PPC with 128MB memory and MacOS 8.1).

Computer Requirements

JavaScript Problems

Automatic selection of the current prayer day requires that the JavaScript language be enabled in your browser. JavaScript is turned on by default in most browsers, but some users have turned it off for added security. In Internet Explorer 6 and above, JavaScript can be turned on for CD-ROM content without enabling it for the web by enabling the Tools | Internet Options | Advanced | Security | Allow active content from CDs to run on My Computer. For other browsers, a Google search using keywords enable javascript your-browser-name your-browser version will generally find instructions for enabling JavaScript in your browser.


Many people find needed solutions in the list of Frequently Asked Questions.

Today's Prayer Summary somtimes doesn't work on Macintosh

The Today's Prayer Summ. icon on the CD fails on single-digit days of the month. A patch is available.

Mac Patch

Browser Software

The Operation World CD-ROM is not intended for use with browser software earlier than Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 or Netscape Navigator 4.0.

Operation World Database Issues

  1. Overlayed Windows: When the user presses a button on the toolbar to create a new data view, the newly created window exactly overlays any previous window (including a window used to select the country, denomination, etc.). To solve this problem, click in the bar at the top of newly-created window and drag to another location on the screen to expose the underlying window.
  2. Installation with Existing Borland Database Engine (BDE): If the installer finds an existing software installation has installed the Borland Database Engine (BDE), the Operation World database will report missing modules and will not run. A patch for this problem is available. See OW Database - Existing BDE Patch below.
  3. Non-administrative users on NT/2000/XP systems: The OW database must be installed by a user with Administrator permissions on these systems. After installation, the database will not run for other users. A patch for this problem is available: See Windows NT/2000 Patch below.
  4. (Non)Installation on Windows XP and Vista We have not been able to get the database application (released in 2001) to run on any Windows Vista (released in 2007) system. It runs on many, but not all, Windows XP (released in 2002) systems. The installer for currently-shipping version 1.02 Operation World CD-ROM does not offer to install the database application on either Windows XP or Vista. Windows Vista and XP users are encouraged to use the data in the Operation World database using your own database (e.g. Microsoft Access) or spreadsheet (e.g. Microsoft Excel) software to work with the .dbf database tables in the \database folder of the CD-ROM. If you have version 1.02 and wish to try running the database application under Windows XP on an unsupported basis, use the following procedure:
    • Make sure you are logged on in an account with administrator privileges
    • Create an empty folder on your hard disk
    • Copy the entire contents of the Operation World CD-ROM to the folder you created
    • Download setup.exe (right click and save target/link as) to the folder you created, replacing the existing setup.exe. (Depending on your browser settings, you may need to move the file from your default download location to the folder you created)
    • Double-click setup.exe in the folder you created to install Operation World. Select the option to install the database when prompted
OW Database - Existing BDE Patch
Windows NT/2000 Multi-User Patch

Contacting Additional Technical Support

If, after consulting this web site, you need additional technical support, you may contact the Developer (GMI), depending on where you live.

When you contact Technical Support, please have the following information available:

  1. The specific type of computer hardware and version of Windows or Macintosh Operation System you are using.
  2. The exact wording of any error messages that appeared on your screen.
  3. What happened and what you were doing when the problem occurred.
  4. Mode setting, Memory, and Available Resources information (In Windows 95, 98 and NT, open either My Computer or Windows Explorer, click on Help, then click on About Windows xx. In Macintosh...).

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