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DVD Video Issues Known issues for video found on the Operation World DVD and their solutions.

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Some computers running MS Windows have experienced video issues with this product, and the suggestions below apply to Windows. If you encounter problems on other platforms, contact owsupport(at)

Video does not play

  • Windows Media Player relies on the DVD player software on your machine to supply the codec (coder/decoder) for MPEG video. Windows XP and Vista did not include this player software, and some older DVD player software did not include a codec for the newer MPEG-4 format. There are a number of free "codec packs" that add support for newer video formats to systems that lack such support. The one we use at GMI, which adds MPEG-4 support to Windows Media Player and  sets up both Media Player and Internet Explorer, is the K-lite Basic Codec Pack, downloadable from The Basic pack is all that is needed for playing .mp4 files; the more advanced packs add support for additional video formats not used on the Operation World DVD-ROM but which you may find on the Internet or other products.

  • Some web browsers may have native support for MPEG-4. We expect over the next few years most browsers will have built-in support for the MPEG-4 AVC (otherwise knows as H.264) used on the Operation World DVD, since this format has been adopted as the standard video format in HTML version 5. As of this writing, Google Chrome ( has excellent built-in support for MPEG-4 video. Most web browsers can be tested for MPEG-4 support by simply dragging and dropping one of the video files from the Windows Explorer into the browser window.
  • There are a large number of free, stand-alone video players that support MPEG-4, including Apple's QuickTime (included with iTunes; but see next topic for cautions), RealPlayer, and VLC. In general, the best way to use the Operation World video with these players is to copy the setup to your hard disk using the setup program on the DVD, then add the installed video (by default in c:/program files/OW2010/professional/video) to your player's library.

When you click a link to a video, the Operation World Professional DVD-ROM uses the video player used by your default web browser to play MPEG-4 .mp4 video files.

Video is jerky or plays with pauses or gaps in video or audio

  • We have encountered this problem most commonly on computers that are more than a couple of years old with Apple's QuickTime (often installed with iTunes) installed. QuickTime appears to make little use of the video card hardware, and is therefore very demanding on the computer's main processor; it is also very aggressive about installing itself as the default player in various web browsers. Try playing the video with Windows Media Player (adding a codec pack if needed) or one of the other players mentioned above (VLC seems to place lower demands on the system than RealPlayer). 
  • If you are playing video directly from the DVD-ROM disc, this may indicate that the DVD-ROM is scratched or dirty or that your DVD drive needs cleaning. The best way to avoid this problem is to clean the disc (using glass cleaner or alcohol and a clean, 100% cotton cloth and using strokes outward from the center), then copy the content to your hard disk using the setup.exe program on the DVD.

Video is very slow to start, and may bring up windows asking to where to save a file

  • This generally indicates that video playback is not integrated into your browser, and that the browser is "downloading" the video file from the DVD disc or from your hard disk before playing it. Solutions include using adding the video directly to your video player software's library, specifying a different player in your browser's settings, installing a codec pack (see above) that integrates Windows Media Player better into Internet Explorer, or using a different browser.