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Can I run my GMI software product from the hard disk so that I don't have to have my CD-ROM in the drive to use the product?

Issues affecting multiple products

The following easily-solved problems affect a number of GMI products. They are generally caused by updates to Windows or other third-party software after the GMI products were released:

Product Specific Support

If a support page is available, please see if your problem is already addressed.

Product Web Support Email Support
Global Ministry Mapping System Support Page mapsupport(at)
Operation China CD-ROM   opchinasupport(at)
Operation World 2010 CD-ROM and DVD-ROM Support Page


Operation World 2001 CD-ROM Support Page cdsupport(at)
PeoplesFile CD-ROM   peoplesfilesupport(at)
Peoples of the Buddhist World CD-ROM Support Page Buddhistsupport(at)
The Wisdom of African Proverbs CD-ROM Support Page aptsupport(at)
The World of Islam CD-ROM Support Page islamcdsupport(at)
WorldVue CD-ROM   wvsupport(at)

Otherwise, please contact the product-specific email address or the general telephone number, fax or postal address listed for assistance.

Please indicate

  • the product
  • the product version number (typically on the CD-ROM face)
  • the exact error message or other problem you have encountered.

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