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Contents and Features

GMI's new missions CD-ROM contains over 500 maps and graphs in the most popular digital graphics fromats. Now, with the click of your mouse, you can incorporate these high-quality "clipart" maps into your PowerPoint presentation, Word document, website, or other publications.

All the missions themes from GMI's 13 overhead transparency map sets are included, as well as a political map of each country and region (see samples below).

The missions map sets included on the WorldVue CD-ROM contain approximately 10 maps each, and many include a leader's guide. Click on the map set names below to view sample images and leader's guides.

The World of Islam
10/40 Window
Operation World
China Mobilization
China's Southwestern Minorities
Focus on South East Asia
Omega Model of Mission
Intro to Missions
Missions Minute
Worldwide Perspectives
Reaching India
Reaching Africa
World Regions

(These map sets are also available from GMI printed on overhead transparency film at $39.95 per set.)

Using the WorldVue CD-ROM, you can easily view the maps and graphs on screen, print them on paper or transparency film, and "copy and paste" them into other computer applications. No royalty fees are required to use the images for most non-profit Christian ministry purposes.

World Factbook Regional map

World Factbook country map

WorldVue user interface

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