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Project: Bamileke

Click here to download Project BamilekeProject: Bamiléké is a 191-page research report exploring the historical, socio-economic, anthropological and spiritual condition of Bamiléké villages. The report features a large number of maps, photos, and tables enabling readers to visualize the context of the Bamiléké people. Click here to see the table of contents.

Click here to download a PDF of Rev. Bouwa's research report, Project: Bamiléké

Project: Bamiléké, summarizing the strategic research in many Bamiléké villages of Cameroon, represents a critically important step forward for the church in that country. The report carefully and fully describes the situation of the Bamiléké villages, their need and readiness for the gospel and is an important addition to the Church’s understanding of how best to minister to these people. More than being simply informational, this report communicates the kind of insights needed to mobilize many more workers for appropriate and effective mission service.

Alain BouwaReverend Pastor Alain Bouwa is the leader of the Christian Missionary Center and founder of the missionary organization Mission BINAM. He is the author of the book Bamiléké Customs and Traditional Religion Versus the Gospel. Pastor Bouwa has a degree in computer science (ICPI from Lyon, France), is an alumnus of the HAGGAI INSTITUTE and serves as a GMI associate. He is married and has one daughter.

Contact Rev. Alain Bouwa at:

B.P. 659 Douala Cameroun
253 rue du marché New-Deido

Tel. (237) 99686777

Web: www.mission-binam.orgMission BINAM

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