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Recommended by Daniel Rickett

Evaluation Sourcebook, edited by Daniel Santo Pietro (American Council of Voluntary Agencies for Foreign Service, 1983). Prepared by a task force of Private Voluntary Organizations, the book provides a framework for evaluation in development projects. It also analyzes current evaluation practices, surveys tools for gathering information and examines other topics of interest to development practitioners.

Design and Evaluation of AID Assisted Projects, produced by the Training and Development Divisions of the Agency for International Development (1980), this is a training manual for AID personnel. It is relatively easy for the non-specialist to understand although it is not always applicable to private voluntary organizations.

Qualitative Evaluation Methods, by Michael Q. Patton (Sage Publications, 1980). Although written for students of evaluation, this volume could double as a field-workers handbook. It offers a detailed discussion of the concepts behind qualitative data and methods, and relates them to eight different evaluation strategies. Specific guidelines for interviewing, observing, and analyzing qualitative data provide plenty of practical advise.

Effective Evaluation: Improving the Usefulness of Evaluation Results through Responsive and Naturalistic Approaches, by Egon G. Guba and Yvonna S. Lincoln (Jossey-Bass Publishing, 1981). Written for the specialist, the book provides a comprehensive treatment of naturalistic evaluation and the qualitative methods associated with it. A series of chapters are devoted to the principal methods: interviewing, observation, analysis of documents and unobtrusive measures.

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