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FlightPlan is a research project to document the status and explore the future of international Christian mission aviation ministry. Through a collaborative process of research, analysis, reflection and discussion, FlightPlan seeks to:

Throughout the process, a learning approach is being used to help the key players own the issues and grapple with the challenges. The purpose of the study is to help pave the way for increasingly healthy, effective mission aviation ministries and programs best tailored to meet the needs of emerging mission realities.

Project Status and Invitation

Phase 1 of the project, documenting the status and dynamics of mission aviation, is complete. The Phase 1 report and CD are available, free of charge, to mission aviation stakeholders willing to participate in additional phases of the research. To request a copy, email

Phase 1 research provided a factual foundation for Phase 2, in which, areas of need, challenge and opportunity were explored through a set of interviews and surveys with various mission aviation stakeholders, including:


To see findings and recommendations from Phase 2, click here to download a presentation slideshow (pps file; registration required).

In Phase 3, a series of scenarios/models is being explored and assessed, enabling stakeholders to envision the future of international mission aviation ministry. In addition, we are continuing to build the mission aviation Document Library in order to have the best possible collection available on the final CD-ROM, to be issued at the conclusion of Phase 3 in mid 2007.

Here in the final state of the FlightPlan study, we ask for your prayers, for your ongoing participation in the research process, and for your advice and correction. We need the perspective and wisdom of the mission aviation community, and we take all input seriously. As we learn from each other, our hope is that God will enable us to see what we could not see by ourselves, for his glory and the advance of his kingdom.

For more information, click here to download the FlightPlan Project Overview (a pdf file).

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