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healing Waters

A GMI Assisted Research Project

Carrying Water JugsThis is the concept: Install industrial water-purification systems at churches in the developing world. Nearby residents then access pure water at a fraction of the commercial price and the churches develop relationships with those coming for the water. The intended result: Improved physical and spiritual health for an entire community.

Healing Waters International ( has completed over 40 such projects since 1999, but what difference are the projects making? Healing Waters approached GMI asking, “How can these projects become more effective?” Questions like these led Healing Waters to consider research to measure ministry impact and to identify factors influencing success.

A lecture about Healing WatersAfter initial consultation with GMI, they sought and obtained funding from a charitable foundation to conduct field research in Mexico, Guatemala and the Dominican Republic. In partnership with the Mexican research ministry COMIMEX, GMI researchers created discussion guides, questionnaires and a sampling plan; selected project and control communities; and trained and supervised local field staff to conduct door-to-door interviews in seven communities with Healing Waters projects, as well as in seven control communities.

Healing Waters Recommendation PDF

Read what Ed Anderson, Executive Director of Healing Waters International, said about the impact of this research project.

Besides analyzing the data and reporting results, GMI developing tools to equip Healing Waters’ field staff to conduct their own ongoing evaluation of current and potential projects.

The Healing Waters concept is a good idea; and so is the commitment to evaluating and monitoring ministry impact. If your organization is interested in measuring its impact and learning how to become even more effective, call GMI at 1-800-569-6312 to discuss the possibilities.