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Do you have a good solution to a mission research problem? Have maps or statistics helped you evaluate or solve a mission decision project? GMI is sponsoring a “Best Practices” competition with cash prizes! Yes, you can win money!

The purpose of the competition is to solicit “Best Practices” and Case Studies focusing on the use of data to aid mission strategy, decision making and evaluation. In particular, we are interested in applications of mapping, statistics and data rendering as they impact or aid mission efforts. All submissions will become the property of GMI, and may be included (perhaps in an edited form) in a new book, entitled Mapping the Millennium, currently being edited by GMI President Michael G. O’Rear and GMI Senior Research Fellow G. Michael Phillips.

Here’s how the competition works: submit a 1-3 page description of how you have effectively used maps or statistical analysis of data to help your mission effort. In addition, relevant charts, tables, exhibits and software are welcome. During the next year, the “best of the best” will be selected for publication, a synopsis of which may appear in the GMI Info newsletter. The best entry each quarter will win a $150 prize and two additional entries each quarter will win $50 each.

If you have other research papers or methodological articles regarding advanced mapping or data analysis for mission outcomes evaluation, strategy planning, or other mission issues, these will also be considered for inclusion in this or future volumes of this new GMI publication series. Send your entries to Michael O’Rear at GMI.

Sample Winning Entries

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