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Today hundreds of search engines exist on the web (see the section on Lists of Directories/Engines below). We've tried below to point you to some of the best in each category. Chances are good you'll find what you're looking for with one of these tools.

General Searching

Here are some of the very best general purpose search engines and directories. They are powerful, easy-to-use, extensive and frequently updated. Search engines produce the result of exhaustive automated computer searches, while good directories require painstaking human review and cataloging.

Metasearch (Multiple Search)

For simple convenience, you might find metasearching to be the ultimate tool for you. Rather than performing their own original searches, metasearch engines simply compile the results of many other leading search engines all in one place. Thus, with one query you can get a quick overview (though usually not thorough listing) of the matches from several search engines. The better metasearch engines will accept your query and translate it into the required syntax of each of the engines it accesses.

Finding People

Need to find someone's address, telephone number or e-mail address? Unless they work pretty hard to hide, you'll probably find them with one of these search engines.

Finding Businesses

Usenet Newsgroups

Search engines for Usenet newsgroups, not only current conversations, but extensive archives of newsgroup content.

Christian Search Engines & Directories

The following directories and search engines are focues exclusively on Christian content, so when you do a search you are assured of finding hits on Christian (or religious) web pages only.

Special Interest Sites

While not directories or search engines, per se, we've found these sites to be valuable reference resources.

Lists of Engines/Directories

Want immediate access to lots more search engines? The pages below are links to hundreds of additional search engines and directories.

More about Internet Searching

Want to learn more? There's lots of help on the Web, from simple tutorials to indepth analysis of how individual search engines work. Check out the sites below.

Listing your Site

The flip-side of finding information is making sure your own web site gets found by those you want to find it. The sites noted below will help you get your web pages listed with major search engines and help you understand how search engines build their indices.

Meta Words

Meta words give you more control over narrowing your search to only those web pages you really want. They require that specified text must appear within specified features of the web site in order to be a hit. To use meta words in your search, enter the meta word followed by a colon followed by the key word desired. For example, entering "title:evangelical" would find all web pages with the word "evangelical" in the title of the web page. We've listed below the more popular meta words and their syntax, along with links to Alta Vista examples using each meta word.

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