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Missiology and Global Mission

Missiology Resource Guide -- A new site with a lofty goal: "to provide a comprehensive information resource for the cross-cultural practitioner, educator and student" at

American Society of Missiology -- In addition to information about the society, its publications, programs and archives, the ASM site gives a searchable periodical index and links to key sites for mission reseach including organizations, associations, projects, pubishers, research resources, and bibliographic search at

Global Economic Outreach -- is building a registry of Christians with every imaginable profession, skill, talent, or hobby, making it available to missionaries worldwide. GEO's emphasis is on building partnerships to advance economic and community development projects. Missionaries and agencies can use GEO as an "executive search firm" for finding skilled partners. There is no charge for their services. More information is available by visiting GEO's site

DCI -- These "mission senders" have developed a useful website, offering all kinds of information on missions.

International Association of Mission Studies -- Gives access to a list of missiological societies and mission research resources at

Henry Martyn Centre -- "for the study of mission and world Christianity," including a library catalog of 4,500 books on mission and two major research projects: Currents in World Christianity Project and Christianity in Asia Project at

Currents in World Christianity Project -- An international and interdisciplinary research project studying missions and global Christianity, particularly in the 20th century at

Billy Graham Center Mission Archives -- Includes guides to over 500 collections of mission archives, including the records of several mission boards at

People Teams -- Connecting mission groups worldwide for the fulfillment of the Great Commission.

Yale Library -- Lists "Selected Internet Resources" in the areas of Christianity, Church, Missions, and Religion at

Fuller Seminary Library Research Resources -- Access to libraries, online documents and religious indexes at

Missionary Service News Agency (MISNA) -- an Italian Catholic news agency specializing in spreading news and detailed information concerning the World's South.

Suite 101 -- A great billboard for Christian missions, Suite 101 also offers articles and discussions. Check it out at

Top Mission Resources -- A great list of organizations, publications, and training seminars working to fulfill the Great Commission at

Mission Resource Directory -- HELPS International's Roger Johnson is coordinating a cooperative effort to build lists of missions resources on the web, billed as "a place to START your search." Includes list of evangelical mission agencies and a host of other resources for missions on the web. See it at or try the newly redesigned site at Also take a look at HELPS' Mission Computer-Related Resource Directory at

Center for Great Commission Studies -- From missions chat rooms, to information on missions trips, to church information, this site is a terrific reference for missions at

Caleb Project-- One of the most helpful sites for beginning evangelical missions research, providing a wealth of information and links to other sites, all focused on unreached people groups, least evangelized cities, and the 10/40 Window at

Particularly valuable pages:

Evangelical Fellowship of Canada -- a site designed to identify strategic issues, facilitate research and discussion, and stimulate appropriate action at

Evangelical Missiological Society -- a scholarly society committed to the Great Commission, at

The International Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention has great information at See detailed information about the countries they work in at

Brigada -- "Your Gateway to Missions Networking" -- Focused on unreached people groups and unreached cities in the 10/40 Window, featuring a weekly electronic missions newsletter, dozens on e-mail conferences on specific people groups, and an excellent primer on using the Internet to do missions research. Includes the following pages:

Fields International -- has a great listing of mission agency Web pages at

SIM -- lists Protestant mission agency web sites in four categories: Traditional Missions, Relief Missions, Mission Research and Support, and Denominational Missions. See them at

Summer Institute of Linguistics -- SIL's site at offers extensive helps and links to other web sites in the academic areas of linguistics, anthropology, literacy, language learning, translation, and computing. Of special interest:

World By Radio-- The cooperative effort of missionary radio broadcasters, World By Radio's web site shows the actual status broadcasts in each language. Also, a list of approximately 90 remaining languages scheduled for development at

World Christian Internet Resources -- a broad collection of lists of internet resources of interest to "World Chrisitians," potentially very valuable but suffers from not being kept up-to-date at

Deaf Ministries List -- an impressive collection of church, camp, and school locations specializing in reaching out to the deaf.

Yahoo! -- the popular Web search engine has annotated listings of mission organizations under such heading as:

Christianity.Net -- provides a search engine covering Christianity Today's database of over 5000 Christian resources at

GOSHEN Christian Resource Directory -- allows you to search GOSHEN's member organization's web sites as well as read religion news and world news stories. GOSHEN is the acronym for "Global On-line Service Helping to Evangelize Nations" and is at

Gospel Communications Network -- Host for many Christian ministry organizations' web sites at In particular, see their "Internet for Christians" Newsletter at

Religious Resources on the Net -- Religious site database and search engine at

Unreached People Groups

Unreached Peoples Resources -- Scott Moreau's links to some of the best sites focused on unreached peoples information at

AD2000 & Beyond Movement -- Information about the Global Congress on World Evangelization (GCOWE), Joshua Project 2000 (list of unreached peoples), 10/40 Window, plans for the AD2000 movement in every country and in strategic cities at

Bethany World Prayer Center -- A growing on-line collection of "Unreached Peoples Prayer Profiles" at

Caleb Project's People Group Related Web Sites -- a wealth of links to lists of people group-related sites, search engines to find information on particular cities, news sources related to specific peoples or cities, on-line libraries, web pages for specific countries and specific religions, etc. at

Sonrise Center for Buddhist Studies -- A great site for those interested in reaching out to Buddhists at

Ethnologue -- A catalog of the world's languages including information on alternate names, number of speakers, location, dialects, linguistic affiliation, and other sociolinguistic and demographic information. This database represents the thirteenth edition of the Ethnologue, published in 1997. You can access the language list in several ways at this site: Browse the Ethnologue by Country including Interactive Maps; Browse the Ethnologue by Language Family; Ethnologue Language Name Index -- an alphabetical list of all language names, alternate names, and dialect names cited in the Ethnologue (over 38,000 names); and Search the Ethnologue -- search for any words occurring anywhere in the Ethnologue. Access the Ethnologue database at

Demographics and Country Information -- information, news, graphics, links and search engine for each country at

The World Factbook 1998 -- information on all countries, including a simple map of each country at

Country Studies / Area Handbooks -- A continuing series of books prepared by the Federal Research Division of the Library of Congress under the Country Studies/Area Handbook Program sponsored by the Department of the Army. This series presently contains studies of 71 countries at

Virtual Tourist -- the ideal site for links to worldwide travel at

World Weather -- Current weather condition of cities around the world, from the US National Weather Service at

Statistical Resources on the Web -- available from the University of Michigan Documents Center at

International Census Statistics -- basic census stats for every country at

U.S. Census Bureau -- This page allows you to obtain summary demographic data from several countries at

Penn State Population Research Institute -- This web site has several pages full of demographic information at

Jane's Geopolitical Intelligence -- A great site to find information about any country and its struggles (click Regional Assessments, then Risk Pointers) at

CIA Maps and Publications -- A collection of all the maps the CIA has published on every country in the world and how to order them. The site also offers publications such as the World Factbook at

Specific Regional Focus

African Missions Resource Center -- Internet resources related to missions in Africa, hosted by Abilene Christian University, at

Missions Out of Africa -- lots of missions information and resources, especially aimed at mobilizing Africans for mission at

Southern African Missiological Society -- A wealth of mission resources and e-mail discussion groups at

Wheels for God's Word -- a organization dedicated to supplying pastors with the ability to spread God's word throughout Africa at

Asian Minorities Outreach -- An inter-denominational Christian mission agency focused on the peoples of Asia. Offers great "people profiles" from China, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, Nepal, India, and Afghanistan at

India Missions Association -- information on the peoples and mission agencies of India at

Sydney Centre for World Mission -- an Australian missions mobilization and resource center focused on unreached peoples.

INFOBRASIL -- great collections of information on the country, peoples, and mission agencies in Brazil, all written and maintained from within the country, and all in Portuguese (of course) at

OSCAR -- A vast array of missions information for those from the UK and around the world as well.

Christian Research Institute Switzerland -- A great Christian research site (text is in German) at

US Census Data -- Points to a variety of Web sites from which to get USA Census data at

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