The services we provide

Services How GMI empowers ministries worldwide.

We provide professional services that enhance the effectiveness of international Christian mission. We help mission leaders, pastors, professors, students, practitioners and prayer teams better learn, understand, plan, coordinate, assess, and communicate their world and work.

Research Services

We are pleased to announce that GMI’s Research Services have been acquired by Calvin Edwards & Company. Click on this link to visit their site and request more information about how Calvin Edwards & Company can help you with your ministry research services needs.

Mapping Services

We create custom geographic maps and mapping services to meet your specific needs. We develop, maintain, and distribute powerful geographic information system (GIS) software and global geographic databases—and provide training and support services—to empower GIS professionals who enable missions leaders to see their world, chart their course, and tell their story in vivid detail.

Mission Information Publishing

We partner with others to compile, format and publish (online, on CD-ROMs and in books) key research and information collections that educate and inform mission decisions and fuel mission prayers.

How may we partner with you? 

It would be a privilege to serve with you in research, mapping and/or information publishing to further God's mission in the world.  We look forward to talking with you.