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Churches' Response to AIDS Do we offer Christ-like support to the infected?

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"...a stunning achievement"
- Christianity Today, August 2006

The Contribution of Christian Congregations
to the Battle with HIV/AIDS
at the Community Level

At the request of the Oxford Centre for Mission Studies, GMI prepared a global research report on the churches’ response to the HIV/AIDS pandemic for presentation at the Centre's Summer Mission Briefing, June 7-9, 2005, in Oxford.


In partnership with research centers in India, Kenya, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Honduras, and Peru, GMI focused on the primary research question, "At the congregational level, what are churches effectively providing to persons and communities affected by HIV/AIDS?" After answering that question, the group went on to compare the churches' contribution with that of secular organizations and governments and to consider ways the capacity of the congregations could be increased.


The contribution of the church is occurring at many levels and through the initiatives of many called and committed individuals. However, the uniquely Christian reasons for involvement in the HIV/AIDS battle and the uniquely Christian contributions to HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment, and care are not always understood by those inside or outside the church. This research project, therefore, aims both to tell the ministry success stories from several countries and to challenge churches everywhere to make a greater contribution.


Here is the full collection of the reports for you to view and download:

Executive summary (2-page PDF file, 14 KB)

Concluding chapter (7-page PDF file, 43 KB)

Complete report (75-page PDF file, 786 KB)

Questionnaires for surveys, focus groups and interviews (3-page PDF file, 18 KB)