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GIS Services Providing the specialized professional GIS services you need.

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We provide a variety of specialized services to support your geographic information system (GIS) work. GIS services span a whole range of possibilities, including:

  • creating custom maps for you
  • designing and developing geographic databases to meet your need
  • developing custom programming to augment your GIS
  • conducting project research and feasibility studies
  • designing and developing custom GIS implementations for your ministry

Our objective is to provide whatever additional pieces are needed to fulfill your organization's GIS needs, be they manpower, equipment, or data.


Some examples may illustrate the range of possibilities:

  • Pilot Projects: A ministry wishes to explore the geographic reach of its literature distribution activities, identifying underserved areas and assessing total quantities distributed relative to the census-based populations of their target group. GMI performs a pilot study of five countries, exploring designs for interactive electronic maps, sources of needed geographic and demographic data, and feasibility of geo-locating existing project data. This results in both a useful study of the five pilot countries and an implementation plan for an in-house GIS implementation capable of tracking work in all countries.
  • Project Startup: A radio ministry wants to do sophisticated analysis of the potential audience speaking various languages falling within its existing antenna coverage patterns. The ministry has GIS capability, but cannot allocate manpower to work out the needed analysis techniques in the time frame of the project. GMI works out the analytical techniques and performs the needed analysis to complete the immediate project, and then trains the ministry's in-house staff to perform future analysis as needed.
  • Recurring Operations: A group of organizations wants to receive continuously updated maps and reports showing the work of their field associates. The organizations do not have any in-house technical staff to allocate for this work. GMI works with the organizations to develop a machine-readable spreadsheet format for reporting field work, develops a website for receiving field data and downloading maps and reports, and develops the back-end automated GIS system to generate the maps. The ongoing operation is maintained by GMI staff and hosted on GMI's equipment.

Are you considering a computer mapping or geographic analysis project but aren't sure your organzation has all of the necessary resources to implement the project? Contact us to discuss how we might come along side to help make your idea a reality.