The services we provide

Let's Work Together How can we serve you with our maps and mapping expertise?

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Do you need a simple map or a set of maps for your next meeting, publication, conference, class, or church service?

  • We give you immediate, free online access to over 1,000 pre-designed maps for missions. And for a modest fee, we'll be glad to customize any of these maps for you and/or print them in large-format sizes.
  • We give you free access to interactive, online mapping, so you can quickly create your own maps.
  • We can compile needed data and produce maps to meet your needs.
  • We can use your data to design the maps you want.
  • We can design, implement and maintain in-house a dedicated custom mapping system to meet you needs, producing the specific output maps for you on demand.

Do you prefer to do your own geographic mapping?

  • We can provide the world's leading desktop mapping software (ArcGIS for Desktop Basic from Esri) customized to meet international missions needs.
  • We can provide the global geographic databases you need -- physical, political, linguistic, and religious geography.
  • We can train your staff in GIS skills, in a hands-on workshop or one-on-one in either your office or ours.
  • We can design and work with you to create a custom GIS solution, providing a package of software, data, services, training, and support.

Please let us know how we can best support you.