GIS Training Specialized mapping instruction available.

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We provide specialized mapping training for Global Ministry Mapping System (GMMS) users to enable them to effectively use and apply GIS for their particular ministries:

  • Introduction to GMMS Workshop -- our staff and associates lead a five-day, hands-on workshop introducing beginners to basic GIS concepts and how to use the GMMS. Intermediate & Advanced GMMS Workshops -- our staff and associates provide custom-designed, technical training for those already well-versed in the basics of using the GMMS. Topics include such issues as database design and management, advanced cartographic techniques, and GIS project management.
  • Individualized Training In Your Office -- our staff, associates, and expert GMMS users, with a variety of areas of expertise and living in various regions of the world, are available to come to your office to provide for your specific GIS training needs.
  • Visiting Trainee Program -- we invite a few select international ministry leaders to our office in Colorado Springs for individualized GMMS training tailored to meet their particular ministry needs.

Training Workshops

Need specialized training for one of our GIS products? Practical, hands-on mapping training workshops are held in various venues around the world to help church and mission leaders learn to effectively use the Global Ministry Mapping System. Find out about the workshops currently going on or available by clicking here.