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Valuing the Least Explore Your World
A World on the Move What Africa Can Teach Us All

A World on the Move


People are on the move today more than ever. Some move of their own will. But there are millions of people who are displaced—forced to move by circumstances beyond their control. So let’s learn from those on the move around the world and see what God will teach us as we consider who our neighbors are, what God is doing in places like Singapore and Wheaton, IL, the challenges and opportunities found in cities and 7 statistics that remind us Who is in control. Even as the world moves, He always remains constant!


Join us for 7 days of watching God at work in a world on the move.

Who Is My New Neighbor?

Singapore: Unique Qualities for Great Commission Impact

Stepping Beyond the Tents

When the World Comes to Wheaton

There Is Hope for the City!

On Mission in a Moving World

Our Anchor in a World Adrift


What Africa Can Teach Us All

what Africa can teach us

As a Christian, what do you think about when Africa comes up in conversation? Africa is a diverse continent with amazing people, cultures and natural resources. It is also a continent that has struggled through famine, wars, disease and instability. The good and bad have much to teach us. So let us learn from our African brothers and sisters in Christ. Here are some examples: Can you quote any African proverbs? Do you know what African Christians are reading? How long has it been since you thought about AIDS or Ebola? Have you prayed for the leadership of Africa? Adventure into Africa the next 7 days with your eyes and heart open, ready to consider the challenges and opportunities that God might place before you.


African Proverbs Build Bridges

A Rich Garden: Non-Clergy Leadership in Africa

African Readers Mark Their Place

AIDS: More to Do

Breaking the Ebola Cycle

20/20: Progress & Challenges in Africa

Education on the Rise Globally


Valuing the Least

Valuing Least

Jesus made it clear in Matthew 25 that He wants us to value the least among us. Those who follow Jesus will be doing this throughout their lives. Are you? This 7-day reading plan gives us lots to think about—based in facts and research—concerning the needs of indigenous peoples, the impoverished, those being persecuted, those in need of clean water, and more. Dive into a thought-provoking week of considering how you can better value the least among us!


Indigenous Rights vs Rip-off Profits
Why Should the Free Care?
Resourcing Missions to the Unreached

God’s Big Heart for the Least
Top 40 Underserved and Unreached Places
Water is Not a “Natural Resource”
How Are You Serving those Living Under the Line?


Explore Your World

Explore Your World

We live in such a diverse world! But did you ever think that the world could guide you deeper into an understanding of God’s Word? This devotional combines amazing infographic content, Scripture and biblical perspective! In this devotional you have 7 days of exploring the world from Brazil to Indonesia to Ukraine, through Buddhism to Islam, each day finding God at work in amazing ways around us and through us.
Brazil: An Emerging Force in Global Mission
Middle East Call to Prayer
Indonesia: Think BIG!
Sharing Your Christian Faith with Muslims
Global Bible Searches - What Are They Searching For?
Buddhism: Beyond Prayer Flags and Statues
Ukraine: Straddling Fault Lines