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   Thank You  

A Visual Note of Thanks from the Missiographics Team

As Christmas and the New Year quickly approach, we want to take this time to extend a huge Thank You to all of you. We hope that the information provided through our Missiographics this past year has been a huge blessing to you all.

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   Christmas Lights on a Tree Fit for a King?  

Christmas Lights on a Tree Fit for a King?

If the global Christian witness were represented as lights on a Christmas tree, what would that tree look like? Would it be the tree that Jesus Christ desires when he returns? Take a look at a Christmas tree that depicts the light shining from Christians today and pray for a brighter tree to welcome the King of Kings.
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   Breaking the Ebola Cycle  

Breaking the Ebola Cycle

The Ebola epidemic in West African countries like Liberia is a terrible tragedy that has captured global attention and response. Explore the cycle of Ebola in Liberia and consider how traditional belief and secular medicine are responding. Then pray about the Christian response that is presented and how that might impact your engagement with the crisis.
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   missiographic Research that leads to Action  

Research that Leads to Action

Research information, no matter how accurate or extensive, can never be the “silver bullet” to complete the mission task, but ignorance is never an advantage. Thank God for these amazingly researched resources, pray for those who continue to refine them, and use them so you know where you should go and what to do when you get there.
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Middle East Call To Prayer

What is your first reaction when the Middle East is mentioned on the news or in conversation? Many of us around the world don’t know what to think of the great struggles and tragedies going on in this part of the world. In the face of persecution, violence, joblessness, inequality and political instability, the first response of a believer should be prayer. Learn more.


Going the Distance: Missionary Retention

It isn’t easy to mobilize and launch a missionary into cross-cultural service. So once they get there, the name of the game is long-term retention. But in today’s fast-paced, ever-changing world that is easier said than done. Take a look at some of the key data that provides insight into effective retention of missionary workers Learn More


50 Years of Mission

Certain milestones deserve taking a moment to stop and remember. That is true of the 50th Anniversary of EMQ (Evangelical Missions Quarterly), one of the key publications resourcing missionary practitioners around the globe. Learn about some of the key missions issues covered over 50 years and also get a glimpse of how much has happened globally during this time.

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Buddhism: Beyond Prayer Flags and Statues

What is Buddhism? What do Buddhists really believe? What are the largest Buddhist people groups? How are Buddhists responding to the Gospel around the world? Why should you care about Buddhists coming to faith in Christ? These questions are not easy ones to answer. This Missiographic will give you some insight.

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The People Have Spoken - Missiographics Top 5

Explore the infographics we have released throughout Missiographics Service. View the year's top 5 Missiographics here!


Brazil: An Emerging Force in Global Mission

As Brazil finds its place on the world's stage, the Brazilian Church is doing the same. Its vibrant and growing Church is on mission in Brazil and around the world. Explore Brazil's growth, challenges and its mission movement. Learn More


30 Years of Connections – Mapping and Missions

As GMI celebrates its 30th Anniversary, it seems like a good time to take a look at the maps that have defined the mission movement over the past 30 years and how those maps have changed. Take a look at 5 key maps that have framed much of the Global Church's thinking about mission and how those maps have changed since early versions were first introduced. Learn More


When the World Comes to Wheaton

The changes in ethnic diversity can remain so abstract. Sometimes you have to dive into a specific place to see the numbers in action. This Missiographic takes a traditionally white county in suburban Chicago – Dupage County – and breaks down the growing diversity. This county is important in global mission because it is where Wheaton, IL is located – a key location for so many global ministries in the past and present. Learn More


Sharing Your Christian Faith with Muslims


As you seek to share your faith with Muslims in your community or around the world, what do you need to understand? What attitude do you bring to your engagement with Muslims around you? This infographic that GMI developed for ABWE's Muslim Ministries will help you engage. Learn More


There is Hope for the City!


We hear so much talk about global urbanization, but the numbers are confusing. In some instances cities are seen as places of opportunity and in others they are seen places of despair. Which is it? Explore why both are true and how God is working in the midst of urban hope and despair. Learn More


What is the World Voting For?


In 2014 over 1.7 billion eligible voters may be a part of major elections happening in their nations. With up to 30% of these possibly being believers, how will their faith play a role in how they participate in these crucial elections? Learn more about the elections going on this year and how to pray for believers and unbelievers as they vote. Learn More


20/20: Progress & Challenges in Africa


Over 20 years since Nelson Mandela's release from prison have brought significant change to Africa. All over the world there is optimism about progress and new opportunity in Africa. At the same time there are still great challenges that must be addressed in the next 20 years. Explore this 20/20 view of Africa and the role the Church must take. Learn More


Education on the Rise Globally


Do you understand the scope of need around higher education globally and the role of Christian higher education? How can you be praying and responding? Dive into the numbers behind the population of people engaged in higher education and consider the implications for your efforts on mission. Learn More


How India Leaders Make Ministry Decisions


Much of the time we do not think intentionally about how we make decisions in our ministry efforts. This is even truer cross-culturally. If you are an Indian leader, this Missiographic will hopefully provide some perspective on dynamics of decision making in your country. If you are a non-Indian leader, we hope this Missiographic will help you better understand your Indian partners and serve alongside them more effectively. Learn More


On Mission in a Moving World


Today people are on the move across the globe in unprecedented ways. Do you understand their movements? What is motivating them to leave everything behind? What are the implications for the places they are going? Explore these questions with us. Learn More


Water is Not a "Natural Resource"


As we commemorate World Water Day we can all agree that life needs water. But who's water is it? Explore the dynamics of access, conservation and pollution and then consider that the water we all need might just belong to the Creator of that precious resource. Learn More


Glimmers of Light on International Women's Day


We live in a world of great inequality. Issues such as poverty, race and gender raise their heads everywhere and cause untold harm and destruction. On International Women's Day (commemorated on March 8), we have the opportunity to consider the challenges women face and also identify the glimmers of light we are seeing in this dark world. Learn More


Global Bible Searches - What Are They Searching For?

Do you know what Scriptures people are searching for? It is an important question. Whether they are preparing a Bible study, seeking comfort or exploring the Bible for the first time, the verses they go to say a lot about their spiritual search and help us understand their struggles. Learn More


Engaging Kingdom Workers Online


Whether you are utilizing the web to mobilize others into mission or using the web to find opportunities, it is helpful to think about what is working and what needs to be strengthened. How do these strengths and weaknesses of mission web sites fit with your experience online? Learn More


The Closing Window of Population Growth


We have gotten used to a world with an ever-expanding population. For years we have heard people raise the alarm about too many people inhabiting a planet with fewer and fewer resources. Also many have responded to the millions of new inhabitants by launching ministry for children and youth. But with a closing window, what does the future hold? Explore our latest infographic. Learn More


Indonesia:  Think BIG!


When it comes to Indonesia are you thinking big enough? This infographic will help you understand why Indonesia is a big place with big opportunities to reach people for Christ. Learn More