Breaking the Ebola Cycle

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Missiographic Breaking the Ebola Cycle

We have seen Ebola epidemic spread like wildfire in West Africa this year. In Liberia specifically, we have seen a repeated process of someone becoming infected with Ebola, waiting until it’s too late to get medical help, dying, and then having a traditional burial, during which more people become infected. Will coming together for the funeral restart the infection cycle? How can the Church be a key part of breaking this cycle and create a movement of healing and learning? This infographic will allow you to explore these questions and learn more about the medical situation in Liberia.


What Africa Can Teach Us All

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Personal Reflection
What can I do if I’m not in the middle of the epidemic? How can someone with no medical skills help with a medical epidemic? Is going as an aid worker the only way to help? These are quite possibly some of the same thoughts most of us have had concerning Ebola. However, in this infographic you will find that everyone has the opportunity to help break the infection cycle. What would it look like for you to set aside time every day, or even once a week, to pray for God’s healing in Liberia and the other countries battling the outbreak, the spread of knowledge among local believers, an increase in trained medical staff and volunteers, and for hope in Jesus for the victims, their families, and everyone surrounded by the Ebola outbreak? For those of you that are medical professionals, ask God how he wants you to respond to the need in West Africa. We should all prayerfully consider giving financially to organizations that are mobilizing workers or providing medical aid in Liberia and nearby countries. Trust that God can heal the sick and broken.

Engaging the Church

Does your church have any projects or stakes in Liberia or West Africa? Find out and ask to show this Missiographic during a service, missions meeting, or some other group activity whether your church is working in that area or not. If your church has any church partnerships in the West Africa or Liberia region, then encourage them to try responding to the crisis with the ways our infographic suggests if they aren’t already. Pray as a church for the country of Liberia, everyone affected by Ebola, and for the work of local churches in Liberia.

Organizational Application

Is your organization working in Liberia or West Africa? Does your organization provide medical aid or crisis relief? If so are you supporting local efforts or sending resources to Liberia and the other areas affected by Ebola? How are you helping undergird and encourage the local Christian churches as they try to share Jesus with people that can be very superstitious in their traditional religious beliefs, especially when it comes to health? We encourage you to explore how God is going to use your organization in fighting Ebola in Liberia.

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